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Growth Jockey

Growth Jockey, headquartered in Gurgaon India, is creating the world's largest virtual "Growth Office". Growth Jockey is envisioned as every business' Growth function, comprising high-quality Strategy, Marketing, Product, Engineering, Sales & Operations personnel, equipping the CXOs of such business with immense flexibility to augment their skills and bandwidth with respect to any specific project and business needs. Growth Jockey lets your company not miss out on any growth opportunity while retaining your focus on the core business.

Our Vision & Value

Our vision is to enable every company achieve their full growth potential by making high-quality, specialist talent available to them in a value-effective manner which is driven by our core values of Integrity, Sustainability, Value Creation, Customer Centricity, Talent Centricity, and Excellence.

Our Business Units


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Is your business grappling with questions like “How do I get sales & distribution specialists for 6 months to design solid processes in the company & institutionalize them?” or “Can I get access to 5-6 solid product & engineer professionals to quick-launch a product & test it in the market” or “How do I take my business digital?” or “How can I collect payment from all my customers online with minimum paperwork & 100% reconciliation?”

If the answer to any of the questions is Yes - Growth Jockey’s “Virtual Office” team is at your service! We deliver projects, not just provide a temporary workforce!

At GrowthJockey, we believe that the pace of growth and innovation of a business should not be constrained by the availability of talent. So, our virtual office allows you to build your own suite of industry experts and high-quality growth teams beyond your office boundaries. We have curated a team of highly passionate professionals, ready to pull the growth for your business on a trigger. Our direct cost structure is more efficient than the direct & indirect cost structure related to full-time hires. Our team members embody the CXOs of the company & replicate their culture & values as they work alongside them. Our customers range from large MNCs to to-be-large startups.


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“I wish I could get a high-quality designer for 2 months.” “Could it be possible to get 4 sales guys for next 3 months in city X?” “I need 100 content writers for one month to nail SEO for my online business.”

If these questions are possessing you, you have more managerial bandwidth in the business than execution muscle. Don't worry - Growth Jockey’s “GigGarage” team is at your service!

With our GigGarage, businesses get to connect with our On-Demand-Part-Time workforce for all their business needs. We connect you with high-quality gig-talent and your management team works with them for efficient, effective, and frugal project delivery. We provide contractual & part-time workers of all skills/functions (e.g. content writers, digital marketers, product managers, software developers, designers, sales personnel, analysts etc.). And we make it happen in record time on a war-footing basis for your business.

With Growth Jockey “LaunchPad” by your side, tap into the market of 600+ Mn internet users, 2.4+ Mn Urban SMEs, 400+ Mn millennials. Our robust network of 1000s of businesses across 100s of cities in India along with our 1000s of CXOs connect across large companies and leading startups in India is readily available to you. We launch and accelerate the penetration of your business in the Indian market with deep consumer, culture, legal, and regulatory expertise to help you establish your business at a rapid pace and disrupt the market while ensuring the highest quality & customer experience parameters.

Do you have a product that is truly global? Does launching your product in a new country, a new market requires no major CAPEX or product modifications/customizations? Are you limiting the prospects/potential of your product by not launching it in a mammoth market like India purely due to a lack of bandwidth or uncertainty around compliances/processes?

If the answer to these questions is Yes - Growth Jockey’s “LaunchPad” team is at your service!


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Need to urgently build or revamp technology to cope up with changing business needs? Is the bandwidth of your tech team exhausted with sprints? Do you immediately need to automate operational intensive processes to improve efficiency and become leaner? Is your strategic growth project stuck because of the lack of a specialist?

If the answers to the questions listed above are “Yes”, then Techfactory is your go-to tech team. Techfactory is your curated on-demand tech team.

Take advantage of our TechFactory software development expertise to build world-class products. Techfactory is a software development unit that helps businesses across the globe bring their products to life. Whether you’re a startup founder or a well-established fortune 500 company looking for a trusted technology partner, we’re here for you.

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Our Team

We are a young & energetic organization with super talented folks from companies like Ola, Oyo, Rivigo, Zomato, Airtel, Reliance Jio, BCG. With every passing month, we are growing rapidly & continue to add to our team versatile individuals capable of playing a meaningful role in 0 to 1, 1 to 10 & 10 to 100 journeys of a few functions of any organization.

Growth Jockey has been started by Ashutosh Kumar who is passionate about building business for startups & fortune 500 Firms. He led Airtel, Jio, Rivigo & OYO and been recognised for his ability to combine tech and business do deep problem solving.

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Ashutosh Kumar

Chief Executive officer


Dhruv Bhagat

Chief Growth Officer

Dhruv known as the most loved CEO at Airtel, He held executive positions at many fortune 500 companies and startups, like PepsiCo, ITC, Airtel, Havells, Rivigo &  Tata and boasts of many success stories in the FMCG, Internet, Media, and Logistics industry.


Vibhanshu Abhishek

Board of Director

Vibhanshu is an AI Professor at the University of California, held executive positions at Sequoia Capital and Rivigo. He is an expert in combining tech and business, he enjoys bringing cutting edge academic thinking to solve real-world problems for startups & Large firms.


Minakshi Parashar

Director & HR

Minakshi is leading the talent strategy for growth jockey, she comes with rich experience in leading talent strategy bluechip companies. Her role & engagement at Growth Jockey is to build Growth Jockey as the next aspiring company to work with.

We invite you to be part of this revolutionary journey.

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