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Growth Jockey brings you Femica ambassador network which is a Women exclusive Pan-India network that provides a platform for budding startups and organizations to connect with women entrepreneurs that facilitate the promotion and sales of women-centric products and services.


I Am A Woman, Hear Me Roar.

A networking wonderland - 

We are creating a massive space for the next generation of women entrepreneurs to take the lead and guide the success rate of companies with their enterprising and social skills.

Why Femica Ambassadors?



Exclusive Network

  • By females

  • For females

  • About females




  • Brand activation

  • Product Launch

  • Consumer community



  • Network Flexibility

  • National Reach

  • Direct to consumer

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432 Million

women of working age in India are the country’s largest under-tapped economic resource

Femica aims to tap into the networking skills of our growth ambassadors, which enables companies specialising in women-centric products and services to reach a target audience that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Brand ambassadors embody the

Brand personality

India's female-centric product market is expected to grow at nearly 11 percent to reach USD 85 billion by 2021.

Offline brand ambassadors serve to enhance a brand’s reputation on the ground, by becoming the face and voice of multiple brands to offer expertise and assistance to female customers



Multi Brand Ambassador

Become the growth ambassador for multiple brands at a given time

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Flexible Framework

Work, earn and become an entrepreneur as per your flexibility and needs


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Dynamic Service

Aiding brands throughout their product lifecycle.

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Global Exposure

Ambassadors will launch you into a pan India network as well as make you a global growth ambassador.


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Female Entrepreneur

We help you to identify, cultivate and grow your entrepreneurial skills. 

We bring the best of the community together...

What happens next is up to you!


Q How can I get started?

After you complete the initial registration form, your social qualifications and credentials will be evaluated by us. On meeting our predetermined metrics, our team will connect with you for a gate qualifier round which will include verification of your qualifications through a number of interviews. Once you clear all the rounds, you will be ready to start your journey with FemForce.


Q What skills should I possess to become a successful ambassador?

As a femica Ambassador, you will be required to have exceptional communication and social skills, which is essential for successful promotion and sales of products and services. 


Q What degree of commitment and engagement will be required from my end?

We are looking for highly committed and sincere female ambassadors who possess a fierce will to develop their career path and will consider ambassador, as their core and central profession. Hence the level of commitment required from our ambassadors is extremely high.

Q What are the core values of femica?

Our core values primarily focus on the integrity of the services our ambassadors render to brands. Our ambassadors act as the true representative of a brand and undertake various responsibilities like providing to and fro communication, understanding consumer grievances, providing relevant feedback, ensuring correct positioning of the products and services etc. Unfair trade practices like mis-selling and mis-communication of any kind is strictly prohibited.


Q What is the compensation offered to me?

You will be given an assured income from GrowthJockey while your overall pay value and  earning will depend on how you perform across various projects and the degree of success with which you are able to launch and activate brands and products in your network.


Q How soon can I start working for projects?

You will be kept on probation period for a minimum of three months. During this period, you will be enrolled for an EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence) program where a senior member along with a Director will work with you and provide you with relevant guidance for 90 days. Once you complete the program, you will become a community ambassador and immediately become visible for picking up projects and delivering them.


Q What all networking opportunities are there for me?

As a part of femica you will get the opportunity to be associated with top 10 Global NGOs, 10000+ consumer networks, 1000+ female CXOs and 100+ community ambassadors. You get the opportunity to be directly mentored by distinguished leaders from the board and advisory of top MNCs around the globe and various highly qualified specialists from top IIMs and IITs working in diverse industries.