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Enter the world’s fastest growing large economy, and take the next leap of exponential growth.

What is LaunchPad?

LaunchPad is Growth Jockey’s new market launch toolkit consisting of a complete suite of services, product, team, office infrastructure, and network to launch, operate, and grow the business in India and Asia market rapidly. We enable quick launch of the off-the-shelf global products & services in new markets to conduct product-market fit proof before committing resources to a new market.

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Launch, Operate and Grow

Approach & Expand smartly in the India & Asia market for your innovative product & services and unleash its true business potential in the largest growing economy with our launch expertise.

  • Market research & intelligence

  • Proof of Concept

  • Product-Market fit


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  • Pricing strategy

  • Go to market

  • Infrastructure & SOPs


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  • Customer life cycle

  • Revenue & profits

  • Compliance


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  • Performance marketing

  • Growth hacks & partnerships

  • Product enhancements


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Why launch in India?

Launchpad is a central launch platform where you can give a vertical boost to your business. It gives you that differential headstart as you tap into a market of 600 million internet users, 2.4 million Urban SMEs and 426 million millennials by reaching to us and our robust network of 1000+ businesses across 200+ cities in India

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India to have more internet users (650 mn) than the entire population of six G7 countries by 2021.

4 trillion USD consumption expenditure by 2025.


3rd largest GDP by PPP at USD 9.45 trillion.


29 years average age in 2020.

Digital payments value of $65 bn in 2019 is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20% till 2023.


Internet users in India is expected to reach 829 mn by 2021.


Fourth largest medical device market in Asia

Why LaunchPad?

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Strong network of Investors, Influencers, CXOs, and founders enable strategic and wide access to partners.

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Growth Jockey provides unparalleled support in terms of Sales & distribution, Thought leadership and strong execution and growth framework.

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With our launchpad “Ready to launch & Operate” solutions we launch and disrupt at pace.

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Exclusive Access

Launchpad program includes exclusive access to our vGrowthOffice™ and TechFactory


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Business modeling

Business Launch - Market expansion and Growth management

Industrial expertise Localization - Culture fit, Language fit, Community trust

Product Development


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Distributed leadership and channel partners ensure the credibility of our platform across the regions.

Our trusted platform reinforces the belief in the product and drives organic pull and ease of adoption.


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Strategy & planning

Business structure development

Business formation

Outreach and growth Playbook


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Influencer Community

CXOs network of large enterprises Deep engagement with Indian Startup’s founders

Vast Sales & Distribution Network of SMART channel Partners


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Infrastructure & business capabilities

Business development

Operations In house R&D and Technology

Nodal & regulation Customer Support

Industrial portfolio mix

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Banking & Finance

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How it works?

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Drop your contact details on our website. Our assigned relationship manager will connect with you


We will understand your product, business & growth plans


We will share our best proposal to enable quick entry into India & Asia markets for your company

Few of our learning and immediate success

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One of our partner built a super awesome global product in the area of supply chain optimisation and has ability to predict the manufacturing specific requirements along with complete analytics to augment the capacity and production efficiently wanted to build the first 10-15 customers to test and customise te product for indian market. We delivered this within 90 days and now we are co-creating this to scale and disrupt the market.

Built in Japan Growing in India

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A global AI based price optimisation product was planning to launch in India. Growth Jockey quickly understood the product and reached out to industry stalwarts in India (CEOs, Marketing Heads, Product Heads, Pricing Heads) to conduct an initial dipstick survey for the right product positioning.

AI Launch In India

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Cloud based open source CRM solutions, we came across to this product during the lockdown while we were solving for one of our Indian organisation and we found this product very useful now we have offered this 20+ Startups and MNCs and building the custom features to suite the indian usages to take on the complete traditional CRM market.

Innovated in US and Solving in India

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A leading brand that produces high quality cotton products in India but had a lot of questions on its market entry strategy - should I start with white-label or build my own brand, launch first the premium range or the popular one, built my own channel, team of go for a joint venture, which city and then how to deal with local regulators and so on..with our Launchpad we are solving these problems for him and delivering at pace. We are challenged if we can offer our same services in other countries … Yes we will, we are working on it.

Market Entry

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One foreign investment company joined us to help scouting the new opportunities to invest in freight business and also take care of its few existing portfolio companies to ensure constant progress update with active accountability.

Managing your investment

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One of a young AI startup has a suite of products to offer and they were looking to test the india market and build initial learning. We offered our Launchpad service not only to share market intelligence but provide the high quality AI local Tech team to help customise the product in India Now we are co-creating the business in India.

Born overseas building in India

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