A Life Without Some Bumpy Halts and Stops is Boring

Story so far

Shilpika Bajpai is currently serving as a PR and Marketing Executive with an education society. She is also a freelance writer and content strategist and she writes blogs in her freetime.

Life happened to Shilpika when she was least expecting it but she feels that is the case with most people. Shilpika strongly believes that everyone is on a journey with a few individuals looking at the world from a different perspective and then one fine day, his or her life hits rock bottom and he or she knows there’s no turning back. All he or she can do is start over again.

Shilpika thinks that year was the turning point in her life, she saw things through from a different dimension, picked herself up and got started with her life looking forward to a new journey and leaving behind what was far gone.

Since then her journey has been great, a little bumps here and there but according to her, a life without some bumpy halts and stops is boring and she sees herself as anything but boring!

Based out of Pune, two things that really excite her are socialising and reading. Femica came to her out of the blue and she finds it to be the perfect platform for her to grow in her field and grow her network as well. Shilpika is really excited to be on board and is looking forward to this new experience.


Thoughts on Femica

"A very well thought out plan and organisation which is looking to constantly raise and empower women to grow and develop their skills as an entrepreneur. It's a platform to nurture and learn a lot in terms of the business world."

Adding value to a Brand

"As a brand ambassador, I will add value in terms of building a good client base, providing newer ideas and strategies. Giving as much as I can for the growth of Femica."

Importance of Women Empowerment

"Women Empowerment is essential and has its own pros and cons. When I say women empowerment, I think it's important because most women are constantly struggling and facing challenges due to multiple reasons from family, society, etc and empowering them can help them to become strong, independent, wise and better leaders. "

Why Femica

"My journey has been pretty good until now. The people here are warm and great to collaborate and converse with. It's just getting started but I think the journey will only get better with time. "

Shilpika Bajpai

Femica Ambassador