Empowered Women Have Always Influenced and Impacted Dynasties and Kingdoms.

Story so far

For Dr Divya, throughout her childhood there was never a stable station for her. Her father was employed in the railways and every few years her family used to get posted to a different city. So owing to so many changes in school and places, she learnt to attach and detach herself quickly from her surroundings. This helped Dr Divya a lot in adapting to new situations and gave her an understanding that distance doesn't end relationships. Lack of effort does.

After completing her graduation in medical science, specializing in Trichology and Aesthetic medicine, she started her career at Richfeel trichology centre and soon decided to open her own franchise centre in Jalandhar.

Dr Divya enjoys talking to people and loves enhancing their beauty. She feels great when she can offer them the enhancement in their existence. The smile that her patients give after treatment and the confidence that they exhibit, serves as her happy pill. Dr Divya believes that life offers infinite opportunities to all of us and it is us who decide what our next step in life would be and soon our immediate future becomes a reality rather than just a possibility.

Dr Divya got acquainted with Kumar Gill who happened to be a movie producer. He wanted to produce a punjabi movie and as soon as Dr Divya understood the project she decided to invest in it. From there on she stepped into the world of movies. But life had another turn for her. She discovered her love in Mumbai and eventually married him and moved to Delhi. She started a new life with her family and somehow forgot about her own aspirations and dreams. One day while scrolling on her phone at night, she came across a pageant for married women. She decided to try her luck and participated to rediscover herself.

As luck would have it, she won a subtitle and started getting few modelling assignments. So from becoming a poet to a doctor to a mother and to becoming a model, Dr Divya’s journey has been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride that she has enjoyed thoroughly and it was only possible because she accepted everything that came across her and executed it with full heart.

Femica is another feather in her cap. It has given her the opportunity to come across diverse products and concepts that contribute positively in her daily life.


Thoughts on Femica


Adding value to a Brand

"I contribute to a brand by guiding , motivating and influencing fellow women regarding an idea, a concept or a product that I believe in and help them understand how they can benefit from it too."

Importance of Women Empowerment

"An empowered woman can contribute not only to her family but also to the whole society as she is the backbone of all societal systems. Even in the patriarchal era, empowered women have always influenced and impacted dynasties and kingdoms. Women are blessed to even bring life on earth and the fact that even God has deprived men and has found women to be more capable of bearing pain and yet smile and give in return proves that women are the most beautiful creations of God "

Why Femica

"I see new experiences , new challenges and new motivations with each opportunity."

Dr Divya Ramchandani

Femica Ambassador