Entrepreneurship Has No Glass Ceiling.

Updated: Mar 22

Story so far

Kiran is a graduate in Commerce and has spent the bulk of her career—over 12 years in Finance in a number of well known MNCs based in India and has travelled across 12 countries for various assignments during this period. When she left working in the corporate sector, she had very clear thoughts and determination that someday she would work for herself as an entrepreneur. The entrepreneurial bug kept gnawing, since the time she left working as a Team leader - Finance back in 2016.

Kiran believes that while working as an entrepreneur, there is no glass ceiling. There is always the push and pull of family life that many working women face, but there is no race. If one needs to take a few years off, he/she can always come back. However, she emphasises that when they come back, they need to be committed because people always reap what they sow.

Talking about her experience so far at Femforce, she feels proud to connect with people who possess high levels of creativity and aptitude and believes that the young talent of our country is unprecedented.

She is confident that her association with Femforce would lead to a win-win situation and make her entrepreneurial journey a success.


Thoughts on Femica

" It's a world of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs like me! I am proud to be bestowed with the opportunity to seep into the roots of our business and prosper into the brand that we are today. "

Adding value to a Brand

" I carry professional and freelance experience of almost 16 years and hence I can contribute to any organisation with the help of my experience. "

Importance of Women Empowerment

" Women have the ability to create difference in work and know how to lead a balanced life between work and family. I strongly believe empowering women will change the direction of the entire society and their vision towards growth and success. "

Why Femica

" I want to be a part of FemForce so that I can be recognized as the face and voice of multiple brands specializing in various industries. "

Kiran Gupta

Femica Ambassador