How Long Would One Want to Work for Someone Else, When One Could Make and Rule His/Her Own Empire.

Story so far

Born in a small town called kalimpong, Darjeeling, Roma grew up under the influence of an extremely strict father ,who wanted everything good for her but only according to his own way

She followed his lead throughout her school life but post 12th standard, Roma decided to find her own path. She wasn't really comfortable being financially dependent on him since she had to constantly follow his rules and live life as per his decisions.

She had a different plan, and she longed to live a different kind of life so she decided to take a leap of faith and shift to Mumbai for her graduation. She completed her post graduation too from Mumbai University and Welingkars Institute and she managed to do it all while she was working.


It's been 9 and half years for Roma with her current organization where she started off as an Admin assistant and now she proudly holds the position of Head Marketing and Trade Relations.

Having faced so many challenges since childhood she was never deterred by societal expectations and married the same man thrice due to the cultural difference


She is looking forward to starting her entrepreneurial journey with Femica as she strongly feels that, how long would one want to work for someone else, when one could make and rule his/her own empire .


Thoughts on Femica

"I view Femica as a platform which offers women with great opportunities to express themselves and their skills and also helps them earn in the process. "

Adding value to a Brand

"I believe digital promotion is the new medium of promotion and medium to reach to the world. With my professional expertise and personal enthusiasm I would be able to make some noise and hence add value to client brands."

Importance of Women Empowerment

"Being a woman, we are a combination of everything but I believe we are underestimated at times. Infact, if given the chance, we could rule the whole world, but most of us don't get the right platform or support. Hence, I feel empowering women is the need of the hour."

Why Femica

"To develop entrepreneurial skills and to create an identity in my hyperlocal community and to feel like an independent woman that I’ve always aspired to be."

Roma Tamang

Femica Ambassador