Nothing Goes According to Plan and That's Okay!

Updated: Mar 22

Story so far

According to Shubhani, her entire life journey can be explained in a single sentence: Nothing goes according to plan and that's okay!

It all started after Shubhani graduated from college. During that time as she worked through different internships and job interviews, she soon realized corporate was not her cup of tea. With two very different startup experiences, she still felt something was missing. So while exploring and surfing the internet, she came across FemForce and she finally got her missing piece of the puzzle. Shubhani’s first experience with FemForce gave her a boost of confidence and she felt motivated like never before.

Seeing women's power grow and being able to be a part of the entrepreneurial journey offered by FemForce, has been an enriching experience for her. She is grateful to the FemForce team which gave her such a dignified platform and helped her to inspire people around her.


Thoughts on Femica

"A Platform to grow. A platform where I can learn with and from dynamic women."

Adding value to a Brand

"Having two business experiences and understanding what entrepreneurial life means, has helped me acquire a well-rounded skill set which I use to help brands achieve success."

Importance of Women Empowerment

"It's important as all humans should be self-independent according to me. "

Why Femica

"I want to be a part of FemForce to understand and undertake the role of an influencer in my community and create an identity for myself."

Shubhani Rathi

Femica Ambassador