The Only Difference Between the Ordinary and Extraordinary is the Word Extra

Updated: Mar 22

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‘The only difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is the word extra’. Shirin believed that being a homemaker for 10 years and running the family without any income nor any job opportunity, made her lack this 'extra' factor. Life had become just a simple daily routine, which merely consisted of having the duty of upbringing her children and taking care of family and house. It was absolutely difficult for her to leave her kids alone back home and go for a job. For Shirin, her knowledge and academic degree were packed in a box with no shine or use of it.

She was introduced to GrowthJockey by one of her close friends who uplifted her knowledge and experience, gave her an opportunity to work and gain self-respect. Being an entrepreneur she can now walk upright and is always ready to help ladies who need a hand to grow.

FemForce gave her the opportunity to experience delivering a more human and sustainable business process for all of the brands she has worked with and helped her to understand the responsibility to attract, engage and retain top talent, bolster continued business performance and conserve environmental resources for FemForce and other clients.

Each day, Shirin gets to play a vital role in connecting our client organizations with their employees. Our clients entrust her to help them effectively manage and execute their

mission, vision, and values, which encompasses everything from philanthropy, volunteerism, and environmental stewardship to diversity and ethics.


Thoughts on Femica

"FemForce is a brand new platform for me, which I believe will help me in creating an identity and respect in front of my family, friends, and society."

Adding value to a Brand

"We can add value to a brand by representing ourselves as an asset to them, and by undertaking great responsibility and giving our best in achieving their target goals."

Importance of Women Empowerment

"I think that women empowerment is important because there are thousands of women who are unrecognized in society and their talents and qualities are constantly overlooked. Hence, women's empowerment is necessary."

Why Femica

"I want to be a part of FemForce to utilize it as an avenue to build and develop entrepreneurial skills and create connections and work with other powerful dynamic women."

Shirin Singh

Femica Ambassador