Women Play a Dominant Role in Shaping the Future of Our Society.

Story so far

Although Basabdutta had never given it a conscious thought, in retrospect she realised that life is what happened to her in between all the goals, milestones, plannings, emotions, etc and every other predictable objectives that everyone holds so dear to their hearts and whose achievements everyone eagerly looks forward to. Somewhere along the journey of life, Basabdutta feels that she was lucky to experience the joys of motherhood, take charge of the well being of her family and pick up skills which she never thought, would turn into a passion.

Taking macrame for example- it started out as a hobby, grew into a liking, matured into a skill and presently is the backbone of her entrepreneurial venture. The key ingredient was an enthusiasm toward this line of art and craft which in turn was influenced by her notion of Bohemian Art and probably a few visits to Goa & Andamans. She was able to instil the visuals and memories of these travails into her work of macrame. Along with her other responsibilities in life, this new found love for the skill offered her a conduit for creative expression.

As with most things that everyone loves, events followed in natural succession. For example, having garnered a decent proficiency in macrame, Basabdutta soon found acceptance and appreciation of her work from friends, family, colleagues and sometimes, even strangers. Subsequently, it did not take long for her to spin off this venture into a commercial endeavour. Her propensity towards people and relations and the deep involvement with her immediate environment helped her in creating a market for her products. Thoughts of scaling up this activity in future, now include boosting online sales through digital advertisements, skill sharing and creating a team dedicated to propagate her brand Meow Meanders.

All this while, Basabdutta believes that life still happened and will continue to do so. As a part of Femica, she feels financially empowered and creatively liberated and is eagerly looking forward to learning and growing further in the years to come!


Thoughts on Femica

"Empowering women by giving them the ability to represent their interests and providing them an appropriate management strategy to work towards their goals"

Adding value to a Brand

"By identifying prospective customers and giving them a reason to put their loyalty and trust in the brand, which will eventually increase brand awareness and its sales."

Importance of Women Empowerment

"Women play a dominant role in shaping the future of our society. Women should be empowered in all walks of life making them both socially and financially independent. Women should know their rights. An empowered individual who takes care of her family , home , who nurtures her children to grow into responsible human beings will definitely ensure that our future generations act responsibility too. "

Why Femica

"I want to be a part of Femica to become an independent individual and enhance my existing entrepreneurial skills."

Basabdutta Sarkar

Femica Ambassador