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A complete suit of technology to help you unlock digitization for your business end to end.

What is TechFactory?

Start Smart, Scale Fast, and Grow strong. With our Startup DNA, We code your coffee and techify your meal, Everything On-Demand. TechFactory is an absolute advantage to your organization, Our singular focus is to deliver your technology requirements. If you have a real-life problem-solving idea and you are committed to it, we will partner you to translate your idea into technology or advance your existing tech to ensure we go live with the latest disruptive technology and unlock the true potential of it.

Technology and product solutions for startups and enterprise

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Start fast, scale easily, rise strong

With Tech factory by your side, you get to leverage world-class technology expertise to propel your business and conquer the market.

A tech partner for startups and startup accelerators

TechFactory is an accelerator working with growth-oriented businesses to make their products and innovations come alive. With trust being the core value of our business, we are here to support and boost the technical quotient of your startup.


Take advantage of our TechFactory software development expertise to build world-class products. Whether you’re a startup founder or a well-established fortune 500 company looking for a trusted technology partner, we’re here for you.

Choose your pick, we commit to help you propel !

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Are you looking for a prototype to receive funding?

All you need is TechFactory, to help you develop a simple test version of your software. We align our expertise to build a customised product prototype, depending on whether you want to create a clickable prototype or you want to have an MVP that would implicate the core demographics of product functionality and design.

Are you looking for an MVP to validate your product?

In case you need to validate your budding business and are looking for an agile launch, think of building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We help you propel, by researching your business model and market on your behalf, establishing a well structured development roadmap, and finally an end solution thereby reducing the delivery cycle and time to market for you.

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Do you need a full-fledged solution built from scratch?

Incase of a full fledged solution we start from ground zero, taking care of each step. Be it defining footers for business model or technology capabilities, further entering UX and UI design stages, resulting in backend and frontend development and lastly we cater infrastructure management to ensure whatever goals your business is seeking are fulfilled. We ensure that your product meets your “now” needs, but we lay a strong technical foundation so we can scale it seamlessly whenever the time comes.

Do you need to rebuild or revamp your product technology?

If yes, then you can take advantage of our startup rescue services. TechFactory is your go-to-team, when you need revamp technology to cope up with changing business needs or you immediately need to automate operational intensive processes to improve efficiency and become leaner.

Techfactory is your curated on-demand tech team that you turn to in search of a diligent software development partner.

Whatever be your requirement, we are here to lead all the way through

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TechFactory consists of core offerings: Business Analysis, Project Management, Design, Software Development, and Quality Control.





When you start working with us, you get a dedicated product team with specialists from every unit. This team stays with you until your product is successfully released.




We can always extend the team quickly at any stage of product development.

Why GrowthJockey ?

Start small and move fast with GrowthJockey custom software development services.

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We bring 7+ years of Ruby on Rails development expertise, a can-do attitude, and the best specialists to help your business start fast and grow seamlessly.

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Our architectural solutions allow you to avoid scalability issues that might come up when your user base passes the one million mark.

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We focus on software quality at every stage, following programming best practices including automated testing, continuous integration, and code review as well as unified coding standards.

Scrum metrics ensure that product development stays on the right track

We follow the Scrum methodology and measure the success of our teams with key metrics. These metrics help us ensure project health, guarantee team performance, stick to the development plan, and identify risks or needs for changes early on.

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Team velocity

Our product managers measure the velocity of teams and each team member. This ensures that your project is on track and that we can deliver the expected result within the deadlines.

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Resolution time

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Predictable burn down

We track completed work against the total work scope. This metric allows us to manage project health and stick to the plan.

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Software quality

The feature is only completed when it passed all tests and meets customer requirements. That's why we take a complex approach to tracking and analyzing actionable metrics: from tests coverage to customer satisfaction.

We make sure that the time it takes to resolve a task remains consistent over time. If the time to complete development tasks increases, we extend the size of your team.

Build with us or buy from our curated customizable partner’s product portfolio.

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