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Frequently asked questions

Can I register my profile for free?

Yes, you can register your profile for free. Additionally, you may even ask for a background verification to further boost the selection of your profile for a relevant job.

How will I know of relevant opportunities?

Once your profile is created and verified, Growth Jockey will search for relevant jobs that might be best suited for your candidature. We will get back to you as soon as we find the best match.

Are there full-time roles available at Growth Jockey?

Yes, Growth Jockey engages talent full-time as well along with part-time positions.

What is the typical selection time for a project?

Selection time depends a lot on the organization, their processes and the urgency of the requirement. Based on these factors, the turnaround time for projects ranges from two weeks to two months.

What is the Average engagement period with the client?

Engagement period depends on the type and the scope of the project. Typical engagement period ranges from a week to 6 months.

What should be the typical rate I should charge my clients?

There are no standard terms that can be defined for arriving at the rates. The rate that you can charge depends on the project scope, delivery timelines, your professional competency & experience related to the project.

Does Growth Jockey charge a percentage of my project fees?

Depending upon the project and the delivery scope, Growth Jockey charges a small percentage of the fee. Additionally, Growth Jockey enables you with necessary tools and resources to ensure a successful delivery of the project

What checks are conducted in the verification process?

Verification process typically involves a comprehensive background check covering the details shared by you.

How much will I be charged for getting my background verified?

Growth Jockey typically charges 999 INR for getting the background verification done for you. Background verification ensures that you have a boosted visibility to potential clients.

Who owns the legal rights to the work created by me?

The client owns the legal rights to the work created by you.


“It's a company you love to work with. Great work, great learning. You have great mentors to guide you. The best part is its open-door policy. I would love to mention a few lovely people I worked with.” Rita Chhabra, Product Manager (MDI Gurgaon)

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“Post coming to India, I was looking for some engagement and I met Ashutosh and team. I truly appreciate the quality and approach of the GrowthJockey team. It's been 2 months and I got three projects with two different startups, enjoying the diverse learning and remote team bonding.” Divyansh Arora, Director Products (IIT Kanpur).

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“For me, it was just an inquiry call to Ashutosh at GrowthJockey, but it turned out to be an exciting opportunity and I’m enthusiastic about my virtual CHRO appointment at two Startups of great people. Still unbelievable but it's so real, I feel happy to see India growing and creating unique opportunities. “ Pavitra Singh Roy, (BHU+DU) Mumbai.

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