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Crucial UX Design Elements for Ecommerce Websites

By Fahad Khan
An effective e-commerce website contains specific characteristics contributing to the ideal consumer experience, which makes it easy to navigate and provides a secure transaction process.

Creating a website for your brand? Providing an optimal user experience must be on your mind. You need to make it convenient and easy to use.

This article takes you through the key elements that every e-commerce website should contain and also the particulars of a good UX strategy. It will give you an idea of the best design practices.

Creating a UX Strategy

Before you design a website, you must develop a strategy. This will let you align your company's brand and identity with the actual user experience. Moreover, you can proceed with a clear goal in mind.

You can create your UX strategy or seek the help of professional services like Growth Jockey. Our seasoned experts will develop an optimal strategy for you to enable you to achieve your business goals.

Here are some tips for creating a good UX strategy.

User at the Centre

Ensure that you stay within the user-centred mindset. Many companies lose sight of their goals and indulge in designing products to further their interests. This will lead to considerable losses in the long run.

Start collecting feedback from your target audience early in designing a product. Conduct surveys and send out questionnaires. This will let you gauge the usefulness of your product. You can understand if what you are creating aligns with consumer needs.

Incorporate Business Goals

Ask questions to yourself to define your business objectives.
What are the financial targets that the company wants to achieve? What is the position of the product in the marketplace?
What overall improvements can be made in the organisation, and how?

Once you have a clear idea of your business goals, you can combine them with user experience goals. This will let you approach the user with the business in mind.

A Well-Rounded User Experience

Providing a seamless user experience can be challenging in this age of omnichannel advertising. You need to take a holistic approach in the early stages of your planning to consider all the touchpoints.

Consider all the events before and after the user comes into contact with the product or the brand. This can lead to better and more satisfactory user experiences and a cohesive brand image.


Once you start designing, guided by a comprehensive UX strategy, you should continue to test and validate both your strategy and design in each stage. Further, refine and optimise your strategy based on feedback.

Key UX Design Elements for E-Commerce Websites

When defining an online presence for your brand, developing a website is the first step. An effective e-commerce website contains specific characteristics contributing to the ideal consumer experience.

Let's look at some of the must-have elements for e-commerce websites.

Attractive Landing Page

This is akin to attractive window dressing in brick-and-mortar stores, aimed to attract passers-by. Every e-commerce platform should pay special attention to the design of its landing page, as this is where the user journey begins. The first impression should encourage them to continue.

The potential customer should immediately understand the features of your products and services. Further, the navigation should be top-notch. Your website's essential sections should be accessible right from the landing page. Additionally, users should be able to search for products.

Showcase your best on this page itself. For instance, if you provide a free trial or sustainable packaging, let your customers know about it as soon as possible. This will incite them to explore your brand.

To be sure of the effectiveness of your landing page, test it out yourself. Go through it, looking at it from the perspective of a user. This will provide you with valuable insights into potential areas for improvement.

Simple Navigation

One of the critical aspects of e-commerce UX is navigation. It should be simple and intuitive and eliminate any chances of frustration which might cause the user to give up and search elsewhere.

Using standard and familiar conventions is one way to achieve intuitive navigation. It will make it easy for the user to figure out where to find what they are looking for. You should guarantee that they get there without any trouble*. Therefore,* the paths from one destination to another should be short, obvious and reasonable. This seamless movement will remove any interruptions to the consideration of the purchase.

Growth Jockey believes that labelling your website's sections and pages clearly also improves the ease of navigation. It will add to the simplicity of navigation, which should be your key objective.

Search Bar

Studies have revealed that 43% of users go directly to the search bar on retail websites. They are highly likely to convert into leads and drive sales as they are shopping with purpose. If the search box isn't up to the mark, the resulting dissatisfaction will cause them to leave the website. Therefore, the search bar is an incredibly important element of UX design.

The search bar needs to be in a prominent, easy-to-spot position on the page. Additionally, it should also contrast with the rest of the page. Include advanced search options and allow for search filters like price, rating, colour etc.

Other features that your search bar can have are, search suggestions, autocomplete, search results in a grid or list view and a list of related products. Moreover, you can use it to collect information on user behaviour and use it to provide personalised experiences.


In brick-and-mortar stores, customers can physically view, touch and try out products before purchasing. E-commerce design should strive to deliver something as close to it as possible.

You can do this by including the following:

  • Good-Quality Product Images

Ensure that the images you provide of your product are clear and of high definition. Additionally, include multiple images taken from different angles. They should be taken in realistic environments. Providing 360-degree product views will create an illusion of a first-hand shopping experience.

  • Product Demonstration Videos

Realistic product demonstrations give customers a vast host of details about the product. You can inform your target audience about the features and functions of the product engagingly and entertainingly.

  • Virtual Reality

Relatively new in the e-commerce industry, this kind of content has great potential. Utilising this technology can help you increase the quality of the consumer experience.

At Growth Jockey, we help you figure out the nuances of this technology and so much more and help you apply them to your business to boost revenue.

Call-to-Action Buttons

The call-to-action button is of vital importance as it is the conclusion of all your efforts. It needs to be well-defined and easily recognisable in order for it to be used.

The design of the CTA button needs to be customised according to its function. It can be connected with the checkout, an offer or provide information. In each case, the customers should be able to identify the difference.

User Reviews

Your UX design should include user reviews and testimonials. They help you build trust among the customer base and lend you credibility. Furthermore, they are a source of information for potential customers.

In Conclusion

UX Design is one of the factors that determine the success of a business. It lets you make the most out of the many opportunities in the retail business. Moreover, as it decides how the site is used, the success or demise of the business depends on it to a great extent.

As it plays such a significant role in your organisation, you should consider taking the help of our professional services. We at Growth Jockey deliver the right services you need to achieve your business goals.

At Growth Jockey, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions that effectively address the critical challenges faced by our clients across various industries, ultimately enhancing the user experience. Regardless of your company's size, whether it's a small-scale enterprise or a large corporation, you can now leverage advanced technologies to optimize your user experience. Take a proactive step towards unlocking the next level of growth for your brand by reaching out to us today!

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Ward No. 06, Prevejabad, Sonpur Nitar Chand Wari, Sonpur, Saran, Bihar, 841101
Shreeji Tower, 3rd Floor, Guwahati, Assam, 781005
25/23, Karpaga Vinayagar Kovil St, Kandhanchanvadi Perungudi, Kancheepuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600096
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