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How To Select The Right Automation Platform For Your Business
By Fahad Khan
Automation tools are changing how employees do their jobs. Businesses are adopting automation to achieve higher levels of efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.

"The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency." -Bill Gates

If you are reading this insight, you must be thinking about adopting automation for your business. Well, you have reached the right place.

Whether you want to improve operations, speed up some tasks, or improve the quality of service, automation tools can do it all. Automation tools are redefining how employees carry out tasks in an organisation. Most businesses are adopting automation because of the excellent results they witness. As the above quote states, process automation can improve the efficiency of the workplace.

Nevertheless, the most critical question is, 'which automation platform is right for your business?'

Since the market is flooded with various automation softwares, it is crucial to understand the needs and daily functioning of the organisation that you are looking to automate.

We will discuss some important factors that make automation software the right fit for your business.

Why do Businesses Need Automation Software?

Workflow automation software allows growing companies to streamline the everyday work employees need to do. The software automates tasks that used to be performed manually, like sending a reply to emails, scheduling meetings, updating the work calendars of employees, etc.

Business automation allows employees to add value to their work by enabling them to focus on more critical tasks. Since automation software can perform routine tasks, employees get more time to focus on other facets of the organisation.

According to growth Jockey organisations can improve the work experience for employees while boosting productivity at the workplace at the same time. The automation software performs all repetitive and tedious tasks.

You can get the most out of automation software when you know the benefits it provides.

1. Saves Time

If you believe in working smarter, not harder, then automation platforms are the right tool for your business. Since it automates mundane tasks requiring no human touch, employees can focus on other work that requires immediate attention.

Also, now that employees do not waste time on repetitive tasks, they can get more work done quickly. For instance, they can address all customer queries or handle more clients than usual.

2. Increased Operational Efficiency

As workflow gets automated, every employee becomes aware of their responsibilities. Every team member receives a reminder when a new task is assigned. This contributes to the overall efficiency of operations as no individual has to manually check if any tasks remain unassigned or incomplete.

Managing resources results in completing time-consuming tasks with fewer resources and utilising resources to the fullest.

3. Minimises Error

To err is to be human. So, you cannot expect an error-free document even when the work is entrusted to your most efficient employees. Especially when employees have to multitask, an error here and there is common.

However, machines do not make mistakes even when performing under pressure. Hence, automating tasks reduces the chance of any human error.

4. Improved Collaboration

If you want to boost employees' productivity, automation platforms can be helpful. Also, automation software allows everyone to stay on the same page as it constantly updates the work calendar.

Whether you want to schedule a team meeting with your team, manage the project's timeline, or view the calendar to check the available employees, process automation ensures everything is done within time. This results in improved collaboration among teammates and co-workers.

5. Improves Visibility and Transparency

Automation platforms keep a record of each step of all processes. This makes it easier to maintain all records, which will likely be required during auditing. Who is working on which task, the time needed for completing each task, and related issues can be tracked.

Since the software keeps track of all work, employees are more accountable for their tasks and overall contribution to the organisation's growth.

Choosing the Right Automation Platform

Now that you know how automation can benefit your organisation, it's time to choose automation software. Since no two businesses are built the same, the same automation platform can only be ideal for some companies.

When identifying the automation software that will align with your company's goals, try to understand the work roles you want to automate, then compare them with the features of different software.

We have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you choose the right automation software for your business.

1. User Interface

How difficult is the user interface of the platform? What kind of training will the employees require to use this software?

You should use software that does not have too many steps or a complex navigation system otherwise you may overwhelm the employees. The software is supposed to make their job easier, not more complicated.

2. Create a List of Requirements

Before choosing any automation platform on the market, identify your company's requirements. This is the most critical step in selecting the right platform for your business.

Which tasks are you looking to automate? What are the departments that require automation? Which operational tasks do you want to improve the efficiency of?

Discuss these requirements with your employees and try to match them with the features of the automation platform. This is essential because an automation platform that benefits the HR departments may have little impact on the administrative departments.

If you need help identifying your business requirements, consider getting professional assistance. Growth Jockey can improve operations for your business by identifying key strengths and weaknesses. We can assist you in finding and integrating the right platform to help with your business growth.

3. Features

Businesses can make the most of automation by introducing technology into their workflow. From automating repetitive tasks to setting up meetings and managing employee activities, companies can effectively manage the whole process on a large scale by choosing the right platform.

Choose a platform that supports your business requirements. Some standard features that the most popular automation platform offers include:

  • Marketing support, including lead generation, managing email marketing, customer segmentation, etc

  • Social media automation

  • Mapping the entire process

  • Generate analytics

  • Easy integration with other software

4. Customer Support

Once you purchase the right automation software, you will need some help setting up the software for your business. Most companies offer different levels of assistance in setting up and onboarding the software.

Consider all factors, like if the company provides online support or if somebody will physically assist you in setting up the software.

Since you may run into problems even after setting up the software, choose a platform that offers 24/7 on-call support. Having someone to guide you is better than getting responses from bots.

5. Read Reviews Before Accepting Contract

Nobody can give you a better review of the platform than those who have already paid for the software and using the tools.

The customer reviews and testimonials on the official websites always tend to paint a rosy picture. So, after the initial research, connect with individuals in the same industry to understand their experience of using the particular automation platform, the hiccups they have faced, and the kind of changes the software has brought to their business.

6. Pricing

The pricing usually depends on the features provided by the software. Some platforms also offer customisation. So, if the price is higher, consider removing some features you do not need.

Also, the initial payment differs from the subscription fee you may have to pay monthly. The pricing structure varies with every software. So, have a clear discussion on the entire cost that your company has to pay.

Automate Your Organisation Now

A 2020 global survey by McKinsey and Co. revealed that 66% of businesses had adopted the automation of business processes in one or more business functions. More and more leading companies are choosing automation because of the numerous benefits these platforms provide.

Businesses are automating repetitive and mundane tasks across various departments to reduce human error and increase organisational efficiency and productivity.

You can make the most of the platform if you have done your initial research. Consider the functional and operational possibilities that the platform can bring to your organisation.

At Growth Jockey, we are committed to delivering tailored marketing automation solutions that effectively address the critical challenges faced by our clients across various industries. Regardless of the scale of your business, whether you're a small-scale enterprise or a large corporation, you can now harness the benefits of advanced automation technology.

Take a proactive approach to unlock the next level of growth for your brand by reaching out to us today!

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Ward No. 06, Prevejabad, Sonpur Nitar Chand Wari, Sonpur, Saran, Bihar, 841101
Shreeji Tower, 3rd Floor, Guwahati, Assam, 781005
25/23, Karpaga Vinayagar Kovil St, Kandhanchanvadi Perungudi, Kancheepuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600096
19 Graham Street, Irvine, CA - 92617, US

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