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Top 5 Must Have Tools for a Social Media Marketer

By Fahad Khan
Social media management tools streamline workflow and save time, ensuring that content reaches the target audience to create an impact.

Social media marketers have to complete a lot of work every day, including the creation and publishing of content to analytics and reporting. This can be quite overwhelming without the right social media tools. By 2021, the worldwide social media users were 4.2 billion, indicating a 13.2% year-on-year, which represents 53.6% population of the world. This is expected to grow further in the coming years.

The most efficient tools for social media can not just streamline the workflow, but save a lot of time and ensure that the content reaches the target audience to create an impact. Besides this, taking the assistance of business solutions providers like Growth Jockey, it is possible for businesses to grow with tailored ops and tech solutions and quickly attain their goals. Since there are a lot of tools available in the market for social media marketing, we have listed out the best 5 that are effective in their ways.

Top 5 Tools Used For Social Media

If you are a social media marketer, here are some of the best tools for digital marketing

The Hootsuite logo, a stylized owl, in white against a red background.

1. Hootsuite

This is a perfect tool for handling multiple social media accounts, thus, we can log in to one dashboard as well as sign up free of cost. It has the following benefits:

  • Helps in collaboration across the various team members along with an approval process.

  • You can check all the comments and mentions in a single place.

  • Assign tasks easily.

  • Set social media calendar.

  • Schedule updates for social media channels.

Free online social media courses can be checked through the Hootsuite Podium for enhancing social media management skills besides learning the fundamentals related to social media marketing. Experienced digital marketers can even integrate the tool with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for better analytics to interact with prospective customers. Integration of community-based platforms such as Storify, Reddit, and Tumblr can be done using Hootsuite for gathering more feedback and data from customers.

2. Design Wizard

Social media marketers dealing with visual content can use this amazing tool that has a simple and intuitive interface for creating visual content. It has numerous features in its free plan and on upgrading, some with premium features can be availed.

Design Wizard: Unleash your design magic with our easy-to-use online tools.

There are more than 10,000 design templates available for free. All these are pre-optimised for the social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can even find more than 1.2 million stock images, which makes marketing an easy task for many.

3. Rebrandly

A blue background with the word "rebrandly" written in white letters

This is a link shortener tool in which you can create branded links as well as get customised short URLs. Important links related to some content you are sharing with your target audience are valuable assets for your organisation. Rebrand helps in putting your brand on such links to boost the click-through rate by 39%.

This also enhances awareness about the brand and boosts its visibility, increasing link trust. Certain interesting features of the Rebrandly tools are editable destination URL, link r_etargeting, UTM builder, QR code, traffic routing, API, and integration with over 50 apps._

4. AdEspresso

A blue logo with the text "AdEspresso" in white letters

Some might find social media advertising a difficult task. To make this less complicated, we have the AdEspresso tool that masters A/B testing. It helps in the real-time analysis of Facebook. Google and Instagram ads by resonating with the audiences based on your ad campaign name and targeting details. Ads can be created and managed for these platforms in a single place, to see which ones are effective when the campaign goes live. It involves systematically testing the images, headlines, ad copy, and others to identify the right combination that yields the desired outcome.

Creating ads and optimising them is easy using this tool. All the crucial metrics can be viewed in a single place on its customisable dashboard. The always-on campaigns can monitor Facebook pages and promote new posts, using smart filters for defining everything that has to be promoted for a certain duration. It eliminates the need for manually synchronising the lead ads into the CRM or email marketing. You can keep the leads, audiences, and contacts synchronised with the Facebook ad account. Thus, AdEspresso eliminates the guesswork from a complicated system and streamlines the efforts in digital marketing.

5. MeetEdgar

A whimsical MeetEdgar logo featuring a bespectacled octopus, representing the platform's user-friendly approach to social media management

When you are managing your brand's content creation, design, and support as a very small team, a good content manager is needed. In such cases, MeetEdgar automated tool for social media management proves to be quite useful. It helps in resharing the content and social media traffic optimisation.

A web plugin is used for working with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles to share posts on the channels and check in from any place where mobile can be used.

Monitoring the traffic after re-sharing content, enhancing engagement, and optimising the ROI on digital assets are some aspects where MeetEdgar becomes helpful.

An automated auto-refill queue is used for eliminating the chances of running out of regular posts. Different content type requirements can be met using a category-based scheduling tool to prevent the audience from getting bored. You can even shorten URLs using in-app click tracking to follow your clicks.


Social media marketing becomes easy when you keep up with the latest updates in social media tools There are various free tools for social media that simplify complex advertising and marketing on multiple social media channels. You can easily learn how to analyze social media performance with such tools by accessing detailed analytics and making strategies to help your brand grow. We at Growth Jockey, help our clients in designing perfect social media strategies and using the latest tools and technologies to operate efficiently. By implementing such solutions, businesses can stay ahead in the competitive market !

At Growth Jockey, we are committed to delivering personalised solutions that effectively address the unique challenges faced by our clients across diverse industries. Whether you run a small-scale enterprise or a large corporation, we help you harness the power of social media to drive your brand's growth

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Ward No. 06, Prevejabad, Sonpur Nitar Chand Wari, Sonpur, Saran, Bihar, 841101
Shreeji Tower, 3rd Floor, Guwahati, Assam, 781005
25/23, Karpaga Vinayagar Kovil St, Kandhanchanvadi Perungudi, Kancheepuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600096
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