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Top 5 Methods to Retain Audience on Your Social Media

By Fahad Khan
Customer retention can help a company develop a loyal customer base, which in turn can lead to more marketing.

Engaging existing customers to ensure that they continue doing business with your brand, is termed customer retention. It is different from acquisition and needs solid strategies for fruitful outcomes. Commitment and dedication are needed to keep customers loyal to a brand.

Customer retention is important because it is quite expensive to acquire new customers, rather than retain existing ones. Such retained customers help in spreading positive word of mouth about the brand, thus helping it boost the existing customer base.

Social media channels help businesses to reach out to target customers and communicate with them actively. Many people are increasingly using such platforms to explore different things online. Hence these channels are important means of retaining existing customers.

When this is combined with a business solutions provider like Growth Jockey, it becomes easier for brands to grow faster by maximum utilisation of the latest technologies. They help in efficient operation through the development and execution of the right social media strategies. Read on to check out some such methods to retain an audience.

Top 5 Methods To Have Audience using social media channels

A visual representation of various customer retention strategies on various social media channels

Some proven strategies that help in audience retention through social media channels are explained below:

1. Personal interactions:

Genuinely interacting with customers online using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube or even meeting with them physically are some efficient methods to engage the audience. These result in a positive response from the target audience because it makes them feel valued and appreciated. They must not just be seen from a business point of view as numbers on the spreadsheets but as real people with feelings and hence they need to be handled with compassion and understanding.

This might sound too touchy-feely but works in making them loyal to your brand as it helps them build an emotional connection with the products and services. Seeking the assistance of business solutions providers like Growth Jockey can help businesses by providing them with tailored solutions

2. Curating engaging content for social media platforms based on customer behaviour:

A brand needs to have a clear idea about what the consumers are looking for. When the company knows the problems customers are facing, it can come up with suitable solutions that will address their concerns. This requires extensive surveys and thorough analysis. It will help create personalised eye-catchy topics for the audience that can boost conversion rates and create a positive brand image.

Now, how to increase the attention span of the audience? And how to retain views for social media?

Growth Jockey has the solution for you as it offers specialist talent support for focusing on innovation to increase customer engagement and boost the chances of brand loyalty. Short and impactful video content can play a remarkable role in increasing customer engagement. Such content will educate and create awareness among the customers about the brand and besides attracting new potential customers who will stay loyal to the brand.

Interacting with them further to know what expectations they have and designing the products accordingly, will help them stick to the brand rather than switching to other competitors catering to their requirements.

3. Focusing on customer feedback and working on them:

Interacting with customers gets completed only when a brand asks them for reviewing their products or services, which is often the forgotten part. Positive customer feedback on various social media channels helps in creating a positive brand image because new customers rely on the experiences of people rather than the claims made by the brand. So it is strongly recommended to encourage customers to leave their feedback

Any negative review should be taken seriously and addressed accordingly to finally satisfy the customer. Sometimes, customers might forget to provide a review. Gently reminding them about it, after the product purchase can be helpful as it will enable the business to thrive in the competitive market and grow by efficiently understanding consumer needs.

Once the feedback is received from the customers, they must be carefully worked on, especially the negative ones. Converting unhappy customers to happy ones, will set an example in the market and enhance the faith of other consumers in your brand. This will prove that the brand is concerned about its consumers and make the customers feel that they are being heard, which will boost loyalty. The way a firm reciprocates customer feedback becomes the deciding factor if it will continue using the product or look for alternatives with better solutions.

4. Sharing the success stories of customers on social media channels:

When customers are happy with a brand's services, and happily share their success story of how it enhanced their life, it can be shared on social media platforms. A brand must always thank them explicitly on social media channels in such cases and cheer them up to keep them motivated. This will create a sense of trust in the minds of others and help them keep using the services, thus creating loyal customers.

With the help of Growth Jockey business solutions, brands can unlock their full growth potential, by reducing costs, and executing effective ideas quickly to boost revenues. This is nothing magical, but just caring about the customers and spreading positivity by sharing their fruitful experiences with others can be very effective. It makes the customers valued and takes the business to a new level.

5. Creating a loyalty program:

Loyalty programs reward the customers who have been consistently using its products or services, i.e. being loyal. It is the best way to give customers something that will push them to choose the same brand over other competitors in the market. Firms use loyalty programs for encouraging customers to make more purchases from them.

This is done in the form of gift cards, by which customers can buy something without spending anything extra. Though it doesn't seem to be profitable, it plays a significant role in attracting customers to make further purchases from the brand.

Other types of loyalty programs involve offering special discounts during the festive seasons, on their birthdays, anniversaries, and others; providing referral bonuses; offering a top-shopper discount, or planning a special giveaway or gifts. Seek the help of innovators, change-makers, and thought leaders at Growth Jokey business solutions provider for a brighter future for the business through quick expansion of the existing customer base by implementing impactful techniques.


Startups or brands put effort and spend time and money into creating a customer base. But with time, which customers remain loyal to the brand depends on how the customers are being heard. Thoroughly analysing their needs, and working aggressively on their feedback might need some changes in strategies to boost loyalty. Along with it, you need to make sure that you are aware of the pitfalls associated with your social media strategy

The bottom line for keeping customers glued to a brand is catering to their requirements in the finest way, and much better than the competitors so they never think of switching. When customers have an enjoyable journey with a brand, it spreads through positive word of mouth and helps in getting more loyal customers.

At Growth Jockey, we are committed to delivering personalised solutions that effectively address the unique challenges faced by our clients across diverse industries. Whether you run a small-scale enterprise or a large corporation, we help you harness the power of social media to drive your brand's growth

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Ward No. 06, Prevejabad, Sonpur Nitar Chand Wari, Sonpur, Saran, Bihar, 841101
Shreeji Tower, 3rd Floor, Guwahati, Assam, 781005
25/23, Karpaga Vinayagar Kovil St, Kandhanchanvadi Perungudi, Kancheepuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600096
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