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360 Digital Marketing Techniques Used by Leading Brands

By Aresh Mishra
Determining the right business strategy requires an understanding of all the available strategies and techniques for growing your business.

Promoting a brand throughout the world is a very difficult task. However, with appropriate digital marketing strategies, this can be made sophisticated. With the most important strategic initiatives, a business can grow worldwide.

Many people search for digital marketing trends information over the internet and other sources. But, it is considered to be less reliable when it comes to covering a large group of people. Therefore, every business organisation must have a digital marketing strategy.

There are multiple strategies and techniques used by leading brands worldwide, and different techniques are considered suitable for different products. Therefore, the product category has to be defined to promote a business using the best techniques. With the complete information about digital marketing techniques, it becomes easier for businesses to grow and cover a greater customer base.

So, initially, digital marketing is the first thing a business has to pay attention to. At Growth Jockey, we build various business strategies, and to provide you with information on the same, the below-given details can be helpful. So, read the details below carefully to understand the marketing Trends In India.

The Role of Digital Marketing?

The use of electronic devices and their services to promote a business worldwide is called digital marketing. Even radio and television advertisements are part of digital marketing. Different digital marketing strategies cover different mediums of promotions for a business.

You can build a strategy for your business organisation, but it doesn't need to be going to work for other organisations as well. So, to ensure that the marketing strategy is effective for the growth of your business, you must create one for yourself.

Due to the increasing competition in the market of every business, digital marketing has become crucial. To survive in the competition of thousands of business organisations in one product line, Marketing Trends Worldwide should be used. Therefore, maintaining a proper digital presence is crucial; if you are not into digital marketing, you are missing out on the opportunity.

You must understand your target audience and design a strategy for your business according to it. For example, multiple leading brands promote their products and services through different digital marketing strategies, and you need to understand them to make your brand globally recognised.

Top Global Marketing Trends

A world map illustrated with colorful circles and icons depicting the global trends in digital marketing

There is a variety of digital marketing techniques that you can use to increase the audience for your business. Leading Brands Techniques will help you create a well-rounded strategy and provide you with the best results.

To determine the right business strategy to help your business grow, you must understand all the strategies and techniques available. We will enlighten you regarding some crucial information associated with the Techniques For 360 Digital Marketing. Then, you can pick up the one suitable for your business and use it to grow your business's reach.

  • Content marketing

The task of posting information and other types of valuable content in the form of blogs on your website is referred to as content marketing. You can include how-to videos and other instructional material to promote your business through this technique.

Marketing of this type helps your business connect with the audience, and you can also provide answers to their questions. It helps you to generate close leads and increase sales. Regular publishing on your website will engage more audiences, and your website will grow through search engines.

The plus side of this content marketing strategy and technique is that it is free of cost. Moreover, content marketing is a very versatile option for you, and brand education and entertainment could be your strong suit. Moreover, it will fuel all the types of digital marketing techniques you might use.

  • Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is also a great way of promoting your brand worldwide. It uses a search engine like Google to rank your website and bring heavy traffic. According to Google algorithms, you must use keywords and promote your brand.

You must update the content regularly and follow search engine optimisation strategies. Regular updates of strategy and search engine optimised content will bring your website to the top of search results of Google search, and it will promote your brand.

On the plus side, you are going to increase brand visibility through this strategy, which is cost-effective. But, on the negative side, the content and technology have a very strong suit, and search engine optimisation is a long process.

  • Search engine marketing / pay per click

Search engine marketing is through the advertisements appearing on top of the search results. However, to use this technique, you must hire professionals.

Whenever someone searches for anything associated with your products and services, your Advertisement will be displayed to that person at the top of the search results. Unfortunately, these ads might not be reliable for consumers unaware of how to use them properly.

On the plus side, it will attend the top rank quality and is considered to be time efficient. However, the expense of your digital Advertisement will increase with the strategy.

  • Social media marketing

Social media can also be a crucial way of promoting your brand in the digital marketing channel. You can promote your business or services through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

You must create an account on social media and then promote your business through regular postings. Advertising your branch with freshly published content works extremely well. The reach on this kind of social media platform is significantly higher compared to other platforms.

The conversion rate is high, and the efforts will pay you off very soon through this type of Marketing Trends Worldwide. On the other hand, social media can sometimes be very challenging. The algorithms can change at any time; therefore, you can never be certain if you will get results.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate or influencer marketing is also important for growing your business digitally. Many audiences exist over the internet, and you can use influencers to promote your brand. Growth Jockey can help you find the best influencer for your products. The people who are well on social media platforms can promote your brand to their targeted customers.

When someone is well-known in the industry for your products, he can promote your business, and you will have to pay them back. It is one of the best ways of promoting your business or products by sharing the link to your website in their content.

Whenever they are going to complete a sale, you will have to pay them according to the products or services sold. So you will get the privilege of already existing targeted customers of the influencer, and this strategy will also build a positive image of your brand in customers' eyes.

  • Email marketing

Sending an invitation to the people visiting your website through email could be a good option. Inviting them to join the subscriber list of your email will be a good way of promoting your brand. But, to use this kind of Latest Trends In Marketing, you must make sure they permit you.

You will update them regarding your brand's sales, special events, and product releases. So for every dollar, you spend on email marketing, you can get a revenue of approximately $40 in return. The positive side of this digital marketing technique is that it is not affected by any changing algorithms of search engines or social media platforms.

Moreover, once you get the email list, you can send people emails to convert them into your customers. But come in on the negative side, not always the customers turn out to be your potential audience. Some people do not even open their emails for months and miss out the sales and opportunities.

  • Mobile Marketing

Around 27% of people worldwide search for products and services through mobile voice. Mobile consumers are growing exponentially; therefore, you can utilise the same for growing your business.

Smartphones can be one of the best sources for promoting your business, and you can use mobile marketing.

It is one of the best strategies used by different brands worldwide, including Nike and Adidas. In addition, you can go for mobile-specific tasks, including in-app advertising and social media messaging applications, to promote your brand through this technique.

  • Video Marketing

Rather than providing people with content, they are supposed to read; you can also promote your brand with the help of videos. Videos are a great source of reaching out to people and will convert people quicker than texts.

Regardless of the type of video, you will convert, educational or entertaining; you will find people reaching out to you. If you create a reliable video according to your brand or product, you can convert around 10% of the people reaching out to your video.

The results you can get from video marketing or exponential can also generate a positive emotional connection with the consumers. Also, people may forget the text but can never forget the videos they have seen on the internet. So, it is a great source of converting people and generating traffic for your website.

How to choose the best strategy?

A cartoon image of men holding a tablet in his hand and choosing digital marketing strategy

Depending on the product and services you are offering to your consumers, the type of digital marketing technique you are using can be different. There can be a lot of things that you need to consider. Whenever you try to pick up a good strategy, you will have to give a trial and may also fail.

But, you need to have a strong knowledge of your customer base to design the best digital marketing technique. If you want to capture the attention of your targeted consumers, you need to research a lot in your industry. In addition, in-depth informational content should be created for the website you are designing, which can be a great way of developing a good marketing strategy.

Make sure to check the size of your targeted audience and give trials to different techniques. Moreover, using a mixture of all the techniques mentioned above is considered the best, and growth jockey can help you develop the same.

At Growth Jockey, our unwavering dedication lies in providing comprehensive solutions for 360 digital marketing that effectively tackle the crucial challenges confronted by our clients across diverse industries. Regardless of the size of your company, whether a small-scale enterprise or a large corporation, you can now leverage the advantages of our cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

Get in touch with us today to scale your business with our experts in 360 digital marketing !


1. What’s the best way to promote a brand?

For the growth of emerging brands, it is crucial to use a mixture of all the strategies you can find in the market. Hiring a perfect digital marketing company like growth Jockey can be very helpful. On the other hand, if you have a new brand, you should go for the best ways, including social media marketing, content marketing, and search engine optimisation.

2. How to hire a good marketing agency?

Hiring a perfect digital marketing company is going to be a difficult task. First, you need to ensure that the marketing company has a good reputation in the market, and it must have proven results for previous customers.

3. Is digital marketing effective?

The effectiveness of digital marketing techniques can be seen in the brands providing their services online. All of them are doing digital marketing and selling their products and services globally.

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